Basketball Without Borders

Il recap di Eurohopes sul BWB 2016

Il recap di Eurohopes sugli italiani protagonisti al BWB 2016 di Lohja (Finlandia).

Dal 7 al 10 settembre la Finlandia ha ospitato il suo primo Basketball Without Borders Europe Camp, nel Kisakallio Sport Institute di Lohja. 41 giocatori tra i migliori europei nati nel 1999 sono stati invitati a partecipare all’evento.

Di seguito riportiamo il recap di Eurohopes sui giocatori italiani presenti a Lohja.

Alessandro Pajola (PG – 6′ 4”): Pajola has uncommon defensive IQ and timing and never shies away from contact on defense, while on offense he looked more able of move the ball and create for his teammates and struggled to finish with contact in the paint.


Michele Ebeling (PF – 6′ 9”): Ebeling played both positions in the frontcourt, most of the times picking his shots and playing under control: he still lacks a properly muscular body, but was able to score both inside and outside thanks to his soft touch.


Guglielmo Caruso (C – 6′ 9”): Caruso played more on the inside in games, but showed excellent shooting skills in drills; his motor is still questionable at times, but his body looks improved and he moves well.


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